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27th of  December 2019

“Why: Attention for the Pole and Aerial Sports”


www.PoleandAerialSports.com started with the motivation that this sport should receive much more attention than is currently the case.

Photos are often only shared once, stored in the cloud or on a hard disk. Such an incredible sin!


We look with great respect at these athletes, acrobats and / or artists. In the Pole- and Aerial Sports you can find Acrobatics, Fitness, Flow, Music, Dance ... and more! To be able to properly practice this sport, you have to train a lot and very hard. Strength & flexibility are needed, but also creativity and expression, for example. Some athletes are real professionals, they have made it their profession and work in a circus, teach or participate at a high level in competitions such as the Dutch and / or World Championships. In the meantime this sport also has a union, de Nederlandse Paalsportbond www.paalsportbond.nl and the first steps are being taken to be recognized as an Olympic sport.


The Pole and Aerial Sport is also called the new gymnastics and is actually accessible to everyone. From young to old, all genders and there even are paralympics. It is the fastest growing sport in the world and therefore also on the rise in the Netherlands. The sport is already being practiced in more than 50 countries worldwide and this sport deserves a broader stage. With the publication of the Pole and Aerial Sports Calendar, we hope to take a first step in our mission, that more and more people become familiar with this sport, become enthusiastic as a spectator or as a participant and will recognize this sport as a professional sport and / or art form.


The Pole and Aerial Sports Calendar is made for and by the Pole and Aerial Community & "fans". We will also make a calendar for 2021, so send in your photos and for more info click here Participate

In 2020 we will make a poll for the community to select the 'best' 13 photos .... so we can create a new calendar for 2021. Please feel free to join us and participate.


Are you interested in the Pole and Aerial Sports? Take a look on YouTube or Instagram. Here you can find many videos. You will also regularly see this sport in the circus (ao Circus du Soleil) or at (Hollands) Got Talent.

As a spectator you are more than welcome to come and watch a competition with beautiful performances, an overview of all matches in the Netherlands can be found here: Competition Calendar 

This overview is also very useful for athletes / artists who want to know where and when the next competition in the Netherlands will be and how to register.

Do you want to practice the sport yourself or are you looking for a lesson location in The Netherlands? Take a look here: https://www.paalsportbond.nl/studios-leslocaties/


The Pole and Aerial Sports Calendar is a 'start-up' within 'Doe Het Beter BV'.


Author: Karen Trotter


Note: The photos above have been published in the Pole and Aerial Sports Calendar 2020. Right 1st photo on top: Sabrina Bouziane, photographer: AndereFoto.nl, 2nd photo: Kelly de Vos, photographer Leon Hofink, 3rd photo: Samantha Polman and on the bottom the 4th photo: Iris Jaspers, photograher: Pixcel.fr


From every sold Calendar we donate € 1,-- to the Dutch Union 'Paalsportbond Nederland'