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UNFORTUNATELY YOU CANNOT PARTICIPATE IN THE POLE AND AERIAL SPORTS CALENDAR 2021 !! However, you can already submit all your photos for the 2022 calendar ....

2022 POLE & AERIAL SPORTS CALENDAR, will you participate?

Are you super enthusiastic about the Pole and Aerial Sports Calendar 2020 and 2021?

And do you want to participate in the photo competition for the calendar 2022?

Please send your photo + the forms to: 



Before the 1st of August 2021!


In the subject of the email please mention: 2022 - Pole and Aerial Calendar Sports Calendar - photo contest

Please send in the mail the following information about the photo:
Name of athlete / athletes:
Age athlete / athletes:
Name Photographer (+ company name):


Add the following attachments:

1) Your photo using the following technical requirements:

- The photo must be at least 1 to 2 MB in size and the Annex be submitted as jPG file and not be stuck in the text file

- The photo is only used if the name of the photographer is mentioned and only if the photo is free of rights

- If texts and / or photos prove to be NOT free of rights afterwards, the costs for which we ware charged will be charged to you

2) Two completed and signed forms: 1 for image rights by the athletes and 1 for copyright by the photographer (see documents below)


Send your email to us with photo & attachments  before August 1, 2021!
Prior to September 1st, 2021 the athletes of the selected photos will be informed personally.


Are the files too large for email, try wetransfer.nl and send us your photos + attachements free of charge.


If your images are used in the Pole and Aerial Sports Calendar 2021 than you receive 2 calendars for free!
And the photographer will receive one free calendar as proof copy.


By submitting the photos and attachements you agree to the processing of your personal data (email address, IP address, name, address, gender, age and any other information) that you voluntarily provide for the Pole and Aerial Sports Calendar and the associated promotional activities. This under privacy laws AVG.


We trust to receive a lot of beautiful pictures!
Karen & Kim 


PDF Portret Auteursrecht Documenten 2021 Eng
PDF – 79.5 KB 147 downloads